Mobile homes are a better option regarding time and money than any other classical or wooden constructions and have the advantage of not depending on the location, being able to be moved any time.

No authorization is needed for location.

The houses are mobile, having their own axles and a towing bar.

The installation is relatively simple, with the chassis being fitted with special support points to facilitate installation, being done on wooden supports, concrete slabs or any other strong support.

Installation does not require qualified personnel.

After installation, we recommend closing the space between the ground and the house with wood or pvc paneling, especially if placed in nature, to avoid animals building shelters under the house.


Mobile homes can be connected to utilities such as water, sewerage, gas and electricity. They become functional as classic buildings, so you will not miss the facilities in a house or apartment.

As many customers ask how the land should be prepared for the location of the mobile home, we will enumerate some suggestions below.
First of all, the land for placement should be leveled. After leveling, we recommend an anti-blooming film that is an economical and affordable solution.
A solution would be concrete, tile or pile support, which is an expensive solution and in many cases, requires authorization and planning.

Chippings or gravel over the foil.

A total herbicide to avoid weed growth and the housing of the mobile home is ready.

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