Story of the first house

When you sell a mobile home, you are selling more than a simple construction on a metal frame with a wooden structure, which comes with multiple advantages; you are selling emotion, you are selling someone the chance to have a place of his own, safe from the noise of the world, and that something must fit only what he holds most dear, that is, the family “and/or a few best friends, and/or the puppy , and/or the cat “(from here n combinations can result, taken by k, depending on the situation of each one).

And how else could you recommend a good of such value to someone, if you haven’t tried it yourself?!

This is exactly how our business was born, from an innate passion for quality free time.

After several years of “camping” as a couple, a second-hand mobile home perfectly met our need for more space, which came with the children. Our neighbors loved it from the first visit and became our neighbors in the meantime.

We thought it would be a shame not to share our joy with other people, so we decided to import some houses for sale.

We also built a hall in which to carry out the necessary revisions to the houses, so after a while we decided that we were ready to build one ourselves, which of course we also tested, and today here we are…

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