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Since the concept of a mobile home is in close connection with spending leisure time as close as possible to nature, the places where they are intended to be placed are not always the most easily accessible.

In order to avoid uncomfortable or impossible situations that may occur upon delivery, we suggest to our customers that in a first phase they prepare a media material (videocplip or photos) and measurements of the access way to where the box should arrive.

If the confirmation of accessibility cannot be made on the basis of this material, a member of our transport team will go on site to ascertain if there is a possibility of placing the mobile house in the place indicated by the customer.

For this service, a fee of 100 EURO + VAT is charged, plus 1 EURO/ km, charged round-trip + VAT.

LOCATION  mobile houses

The fact that these mobile houses do not require a building permit, nor any other specific approvals or documentation, makes them can be placed in the most diverse places, which can not always be accessed by truck.
For this reason, we come to meet our customers with the mobile home placement service, which consists in towing the mobile house and putting it in place with the help of our machines.

In order to perform this service, the client must ensure the access to the property, sufficient room for maneuver, as well as the access way to the location of the mobile house, leveled and chilinded.

The mobile house will remain fixed on the 4 legs of the endowment, in the place of your choice.

The cost of the location is 500 EURO + VAT.

We also offer consultancy and assistance to clients who choose to make the location of the mobile home by their own means. 

For example, if the mobile house cannot be handled on land to reach the final position, we provide our customers with a crane lifting system, the purchase of the service itself being their responsibility.

RIDING mobile homes

We want to answer in the affirmative to as many of the requirements of our customers as possible, so, in addition to the actual location , we can also perform the operation of riding the mobile house.

Riding consists in fixing and putting in the boloboc of the mobile house with the help of the riding system, consisting of 8 galvanized adjustable metal supports and 8 concrete slabs.

The place on which the mobile house will be positioned must be leveled and chilinded in advance.

The fee for the riding service is 1000 EURO + VAT.

At the same time, the customer has the option to purchase the riding system, in the amount of 600 EURO + VAT, without providing the service itself.

If additional materials are required to perform the above-mentioned services, they will be charged as follows:

– concrete slab – 10 EURO

-metal support – 60 EURO

Payment in installments with TBI CREDIT

ROT RESORT in partnership with TBI Credit offers its customers the opportunity to purchase mobile homes in fixed installments, by direct lending from our location.

For information – Ionuț Brîndușe tel: 0726 382 784


Payment in installments with the shopping card through RAIFFEISEN BANK

ROT RESORT in partnership with Raiffesen Bank offers its customers the opportunity to purchase mobile homes in interest-free installments or other additional costs with the shopping card.

For more details on the Raiffeisen Bank shopping card, visit the link:


Advice on choosing the desired mobile home

The existence of such a wide range of mobile homes with different sizes, features and configurations can make it difficult to choose a mobile home. Our intention is to offer customers the opportunity to watch as many models existing on the international market as possible in our park.

We are at your disposal with any necessary information during your visit.

If you do not have the opportunity to visit our park, you can contact us by phone or e-mail and as soon as possible you will be contacted by a member of our team to answer your questions!

Switching from gas to electric  consumers

In many of the cases we had customers who preferred to switch from gas consumers (i.e. heating, boiler, stove, etc.) to electric consumers.

A very often applied solution is the replacement of the LPG instant for hot water with an electric boiler, respectively of the LPG convector in the living room with an electric fireplace and the storage of the gas cooking equipment.

Also, on request, the heating system can be supplemented in the rest of the house, with electric convectors mounted on the wall.

The tariff for the service itself is 100 EURO + VAT / equipment, to which is added the cost of the equipment.

For any kind of information or advice in this regard, we are at your disposal!

Replacing simple doors and windows with those of PVC JOINERY

Replacing simple doors and windows with those of PVC JOINERY In order to use mobile homes throughout the year, it is recommended to be equipped with PVC windows and doors.

We ensure the replacement of simple doors and windows with those made of PVC joinery (double glazing), at the manufacturer’s price.

STORAGEmobile homes

Have you found a dream home on our website and want to buy it, but do not have the location where you want to place it?

No problem, we will help you in this case. After paying the advance of at least 20% of the value of the house, it will be booked and you have a maximum of 7 days to make the full payment. The house can stay in the park until you decide where and when you want delivery.

We do not charge additional costs for storing the mobile home in our park.

BUY BACK program

If you want to sell or change the purchased mobile home, we take care of it!

ROT RESORT will evaluate the house at the current market price and offers you the opportunity to purchase it from you through the BUY BACK program

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