ROT RESORT activates on the european market since 2014, being a national leader of new and second hand holiday homes and caravans, with a permanent stock of minimum 100 units available in our park.

​ROT RESORT is the exclusive importer of SWIFT mobile homes for Romania and Hungary.

Help in choosing your mobile home

The existence of a wide range of mobile homes with different sizes, features and configurations can make it difficult for you in choosing your mobile home. Our intention is to give our customers the opportunity to view as many models on the maket in our park.

We are always at your disposal with any needed information during or after your visit.

We recommend to all our potential customers to come and visit us before buying their home. If you do not have this opportunity, you can contact us, and in the shortest possible time we will try to answer all your requested information.


In partnership with TBI Credit we offer for our customers the possibility to purchase mobile homes in installments by direct crediting from our location.

For information – Bosca Vasile tel: 0736 607 783

Interest –FREE
installments payment with your shopping card

ROT RESORT ROT RESORT in partnership with Raiffeisen Bank, offers its customers the possibility to purchase their mobile homes in interest-free installments with their shopping card.

For more details regarding the Raiffeisen Bank Shopping Card, please visit:



If you think about selling or changing your mobile home, you are in the right place!

ROT RESORT will evaluate your mobile home at the current market price and offer you the opportunity to buy it from you through the BUY BACK program.

Switching from gas toELECTRICITY CONSUMERS


​Often we had customers who had their consumers connected to gas and preferred to switch them to electrical ones.

Nowadays there are lower electrical appliances than the gas ones so it can be said that the costs are relatively inferior and they have the advantage of not having to change the bottles so often.

Installation is done easily and fast.

A very common solution is to change the boiler and the central convector to work on electricity and to keep the gas stove and the furnace.

For any kind of information or advice in this regard, we are at your service.

Switching from simple doors and windows to PVC INSULATED ONES

We assure installation of PVC insulated doors and windows, at manufacturer prices.

In order to be inhabitated throughout the year, mobile homes need to be fitted with PVC insulated windows and insulated floors.

We assure these optional services at producer prices.



We come to meet our customers needs with mobile homes installation, from loading, unloading, transport and towing to the final destination, we can offer you full service..

Just because mobile homes do not require construction permits, nor notices or location documentation makes them stand in the most diverse places:in the nature or in the middle of the city, location is not a problem.


You have found on our website your dream house and want to buy it, but do not have the full amount yet, or just do not have the location to place it?

No problem, we can help you in this case. After paying a minimum of 20% of the house’s value, it will be reserved and so you don’t risk it being bought by someone else. As a result, the house will be kept in the park for a specified period of time until the payment is comlete and you decide where and when you want the delivery.

We do not charge for mobile homes storage in our park.



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