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Today they brought us the house

Today they brought us the house. I saw it in March and bought it immediately. I then noticed some small defects, inherent in an SH product (for example, a broken handle on a drawer).
I then noticed some small defects, inherent in an SH product (for example, a broken handle on a drawer).
The people are extraordinary, from the owner of the park, to the sales staff, technical (thanks Daniel for the sketches!) And the two gentlemen who did not deliver today.
We are delighted to collaborate and we warmly recommend you! Respect pentru cum ati ales sa faceti business!
PS: I didn’t know that I have so many neighbors who wandered around the yard today to see her: D

THE HOUSE turned one year old

The mobile home or THE HOUSE is one year old. Meaning that, she and we revolved together with the sphere of the earth until we traveled the entire trajectory around the sun, completely. And today we start again, for the next rotation.
It’s a miracle house. Simple and comfortable. If you want, you can immediately imagine that you are on vacation. You don’t go on vacation, but the holiday comes to you. With joy. With love. With the desire to play or with the pleasure of doing nothing. I jokingly called it “vacay home”… but a name that long didn’t work out. Some friends called it “the can” !!! … of course the name amused us, but I immediately saw it as a space for preserving our youth. For us it immediately became HOME, or rather THE HOME. Our comfortable apartment in Bucharest, our home for the last 38 years, full of everything and adorned with memories, has since passed on the 2nd place…
THE HOUSE has changed our lives, and we are not exaggerating. We have experienced the joy of being together in a small space and “different” from our apartment. With the freedom to escape in the yard, with the gift of admiring miraculous sunsets, with the power to breathe the energy of the sun and the coolness of the night, in peace.
I have learned that you can live well, even better, with fewer household items, with the bare necessities, without an endless abundance of pots, bowls and plates… I learned that clothes and shoes can be much less quantitative, as long as they are comfortable ….
As for modern comfort, we lack nothing: the house is connected to utilities, we have hot water and electric heating, TV and washing machine, internet and everything. The original furniture is ingeniously designed and does not give you the impression of small space. The terrace we have built at the end of summer allowed us to live here comfortably even in winter time, although the initial plan was to return to the apartment after the weather cooled. We have spent Christmas and New Year in THE HOUSE, with the same feeling of vacation.
We are grateful that we were given this experience, the purchase of the mobile home and all the subsequent improvements and facilities were well worth it! We are happy to celebrate one year of life in THE HOUSE, with many future years in mind!
Many thanks to the ROT RESORT team and good thoughts to all the fans of the mobile homes,

Mirela and Tani, Bucuresti/Dragomiresti-Vale, Ilfov

I recommend with all confidence!

I recommend with all confidence! The Rot Resort team is very kind, serious, communicative, professional people, and ….. what can I say ….. SPECIAL! Many thanks for everything, especially to Mr. Andrei Rotaru!

We bought our house

We bought our house in the winter, it was snowing and the other day we went back to the park because we wanted to see if moisture got into it, and to measure where the water, gas, electricity and sewerage supply comes from because I wanted to prepare the land – having a plot on a hill in the countryside, near Pitesti.
There are some insulated ones for winter, more expensive, so we took one with 5 cm thick walls, for the purpose of a holiday home for the warmer period – April-October. It has 40 sqm. Furnished and fully equipped. There are new ones and second hand ones, and cheap ones and expensive ones and big ones and small ones. Go and see!
Anyway, I appreciate the business and the man who stayed with me for 3 hours to give me all the details I asked for.
Once again, go and see, maybe it’s not what you need, anyway there are a lot and it’s worth at least as an experience.

I have visited their park this morning.

I have visited their park this morning. We bought a SH. They will deliver it in about one month time.…/atlas-ruby-super-nr-309/…
They have SH houses, like the one we bought, but they also have, made by them, insulated for the winter.
You definetely need to go an see the house before buying it. The staff there is very kind.

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